The Hypotoxic Diet is not a Gluten-Free Trend, but indeed,
a Healthy Lifestyle in a Healthy Body
- Rosemary Tiklé


Lavégale cuisine specializes in healthy eating, whole-food and plant-based diet, with a bonus: anti-inflammatory (hypotoxic)! It is a gluten-free, dairy-free, cornfree cuisine that respects the low temperature cooking. It aims for a balance between cooked and raw, between Yin and Yang...

This cuisine is based mainly on the principles of Dr. Seignalet hypotoxic studies, an ancestral diet that aims to reduce 'toxic' food in our body.

Lavégale cuisine offers, amongst others, conferences, cooking workshops and simple, diversified and tasty recipes to enjoy with family and friends. Come and join us at this culinary journey!

Professional Bio

Rosemary Tiklé holds a BSc in Biochemistry (B.Sc.). Her professional career in the pharmaceutical industry spanned over 19 years in research, compliance, audits and regulation. Lecturer and specialist in the anti-inflammatory (hypotoxic) diet since 2014.

After being diagnosed in 2009 with a severe and rare inflammatory disease 'chronic recurrent idiopathic angioedema' (with daily anaphylactic symptoms), Rosemary began the in March 2012 the hypotoxic diet. Gradually and after only two weeks, the symptoms of her illness started to decrease and her quality of life to improve surely.


  • Conferences on the basics and principles of the hypotoxic (anti-inflammatory) diet.
  • Cooking lessons.
  • Cooking lessons specialized as per the requested needs, one-on-one or in a group.
  • Private Consultations and accompaniment to the grocery store.


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